The Possibility of Possibilities 

2020, Digital Video, 06:20 min

Sam: I… I did. At least… I thought I did. (sighs) No, it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna take the high road.
Nate: The high road?
Sam: Just follow me. Watch… this.
Nate: Whoa.
Sam: And now… we take the high road.
Nate: Have you done this before?
Sam: Ah… once or twice. Here, come on. Your turn.
Nate: Whoa, whoa…
Sam: Hey, just don’t think about it. You got this!
Nate: Ah!
Sam: I gotcha! (sighs) See? No big deal.
Nate: Yeah. Nothing to it.
Sam: Hey, stay with me. Pretty cool, huh?
Nate: Yeah. Totally.
Sam: Through here.
Nate: Right behind you.
Sam: Hey, there’s a jump coming up.
Nate: Okay.
Sam: Okay… right down the middle. Nice and easy.
Nate: Aah! Nice and easy.