Alles Past Lavoro is a London based art collective whose work focuses on video, digital experiences, and installation. Created by Ursula Pelczar (Austria) and Fabrizio Panella (Italy).

Welcome to my plant tour

 Mixed media installation: 3D printed glazed ceramics, digital knitting, tufted carpet, video projection.

The everyday and the digital, is explored in this installation through the use of 3D scan technologies of found and sourced objects, plants or flower. These objects carry a familiar sense of past, or collective memory. The digitised object, is then manipulated and transformed into other materials.

The technicality and digital structure of the .obj file, becomes a still, a screenshot, and then woven into a textile through a tufting technique. A carpet, familiar, playful and domestic.

3D scans are deconstructed and become glazed ceramic objects, through a ceramic 3D printer. This technique itself holds interesting dichotomies, being digital and also ‘artisanal’ at the same time, using materials that come from really old traditions, as well as only printing simple shapes.

The installation is constructed on a diaristic form of communication inspired by ‘house plant tours’. A colloquial and domestic language, tactile yet digital.