Alles Past Lavoro is a London based art collective whose work focuses on video, digital experiences, and installation. Created by Ursula Pelczar (Austria) and Fabrizio Panella (Italy).

Today A Year Ago (Moment), Access Edit

Installation view: Digital print on vinyl, online video.

Today a Year Ago (Moments) (02:15)

We took part in Access, a group show that was held in spring 2021 across the streets and shop windows of Depford, in South-East London. The show was organised by Goldsmith’s MFA and Curating students, with the aim to engage with local businesses, project spaces as well as online. 

Install shots

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Memories are confabulated, curated, fabricated, and misinterpreted.
They flow, trickle, leak, and seep through brains and devices, leaving behind fragmented trails of images, debris, signals.
Engaging in a relationship with our phones, hand in hand, we look back at those memories, relive them, reconnect with them, and create new stories.

This piece was created by selecting 1s edits from a range of personal diaristic videos, glimpses of banal everyday content.
The spontaneous and casual assemblage becomes a recreation/rewriting of a narrative; a process of deconstruction and reconstruction, by association of images, places, sounds.