Alles Past Lavoro is a London based art collective whose work focuses on video, digital experiences, and installation. Created by Ursula Pelczar (Austria) and Fabrizio Panella (Italy).


flow is an audiovisual album composed of 10 tracks and videos. It was created in collaboration between Alles Past Lavoro and sound artist Christoph Pelczar, and released on YouTube on 17.06.2020.
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The Best Moment of the Day (1:09)

The Power of Believing (02:11)

Pure Water is Pure Connection (01:16)

Hesitation (1:29)

Mail Delivery Notification (Failure) (0:30)

Sections (text me some time) (01:28)

We’re here for you (01:06)

Notes (0:44)

Give me one second of your time. (02:17)

All you ever wanted. (01:12)

Situational Shot 

Created in London during the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, flow is a series of sound and video pieces, collated as a whole work into a ‘visual album’ of 10 videos and audio tracks. An audio-visual meditation that explores themes of memory, connection, and togetherness within the online environment.

The collection of sounds is a moody excursion into different atmospheres - some soothing, some uplifting, all of them a bit distant, touched with a sense of fragile longing. Musically it echoes beats found in club culture - something that was lost during the pandemic and seems now unretrievable. The footage drifts between raw and highly subjective imagery of different waters and modes of online communication: they’re borderless, connecting, and fluid in essence. flow was created with the thought of being experienced in isolation and at home.

A visual and auditory space in which the viewer/listener can fall back onto and reconnect emotionally with the rest of the world.